Raw Puer Tea | Gu Shu Wang 古树王 Year 2014

Yunnan Province, Lincang, Mengku |Sun-dried Large-leaf Variety Tea Leaves |500g ±| 2014| Puer Tea| Yielding Golden| Refreshing Aroma| Smooth and mellow flavor with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste


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The Producer

Purple Cane Group

Purple Cane Group

Purple Cane Group, established in Malaysia since 1987, is one of the best and most successful tea merchant in Asia.

The Region



Lincang located in the southwest of Yunnan province. It is divided into 8 Counties, Linxiang District (临翔区), Fengqing County (凤庆县), Yun County (云县), Yongde County (永德县), Zhenkang County (镇康县), Shuangjiang County (双江县), Gengma County (耿马县), Cangyuan County (沧源县).

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