Our Story

Our Story

TEA X is the international professional “platform for warehouse storage and trading of Malaysia-aged Puer”.

TEA X is committed to providing high-standard warehouse storage for quality tea. It is a reliable one-stop tea exchange and warehouse storage for Malaysia-aged Puer.

TEA X and Malaysia’s Purple Cane Group have entered into a long-term strategic partnership. Purple Cane is a well-known Malaysian brand with an impressive line-up of products on the back of its 33-year history. The company has developed Purple Cane’s Standards for Warehouse storage , which offers a trusted yardstick for the quality of Malaysia-aged Puer.

TEA X warehouse-stored teas are appraised and certified by a team of international tea art masters and professional tea artists. Only teas that have passed rigorous selection processes are stored in the warehouse. Information on warehouse storage is transparent, lending assurance to the teas’ value and potential of appreciation.

TEA X platform seeks life’s inspiration from tea and pursues the spirit of master craftsmen by way of stringent tea selection, the spreading of knowledge, and cultivation of a preference for collecting and taking only quality tea.