About Us

Purple Cane Holdings Sdn.Bhd. (298681 V) established in 1987, with innovative spirit integrated with ambitious and enterprising individuals, aiming at going through a cultural passage. According to Purple Cane founder Mr. Lim Hock Lam, the defination of cultural business establishment: is a human activities of the integration of soul, mind and practices.

In a culture scene, it is a sublimation of cultural resources, promoting its productive from low to high through one or more virtual processes or innovation that consequently and incessantly contribute to systematic and value cultural development in human community. A cultural business establishment entrepreneur or organisation are individual or institution involves in cultural activity as obligation and lifestyle.

Who We Are

Our Vision


Sharing cultural properties.

Creating cultural value.

Achieving cultural harmony and equality.

Our History

Our Belief


Transmitting cultural spirit.

Innovating cultural value.

Enriching humanities.

Our Shops=

Our Mission


Practising cultural business establishment.

Disseminating cultural value and rationality.

Nurturing humanistic spirits.

Our Masters of Wine

Our Business Fields


Cultural Art Environment.

Cultural Art Activities.

Cultural Art Products.


Our Spirit (P&C)


Persistent and Consistent.
Proactive and Creative.
Professional and Concentrate.
Patience and Care.
Passion and Confidence.
Profitable and Comfortable.
Pioneer and Contemporary.
Platform and Channel.

Our Principles


Quality Assurance.

Brand Possession.

Sharing Sensation.

Our Accolades

Our Strategies


Main operation Establishment and leading of the tea culture industry.

Participate in humanistic art business.

CSR Policy

Our Operations


Product Branding.
Sales Speciallisation.
Marketing Network.
Humanistic Service.