Processing Type

Processing Type

Raw Puer Tea (Puer Sheng Cha)

The making of Raw Puer Tea involves steaming then compressing Yunnan sun-fixated maocha (or crude green tealeaves) into disc, brick or bowl shaped pieces before finishing off with final drying. Owing to a fixation process done without microbial fermentation, the distinct strips of yellowish-green tealeaves yield a yellowish-green infusion with a fresh and delicate aroma.

This tea can be drunk when it is released in the market, offering a refreshingly sweet taste profile. It is also prized for ageing well, often with delightful transformation as time passes. With proper storage and ageing, it becomes indulgently mellow and promises potential for appreciation in value.

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Ripe Puer Tea (Puer Shou Cha)

The making of Ripe Puer Tea involves microbial fermentation (by way of wo dui) performed on the Yunnan sun-dried maocha. Post-fermented loose-leaf puer can be steam-compressed into discs or other shapes.

The process of wo dui is carried out at a room temperature of 25°C with a relative humidity of 85%. Graded maocha leaves are separately piled to a certain thickness, when water is sprinkled and damp cloth laid over. The presence of moisture and heat accelerates non-enzymatic oxidation of polyphenols present in the tealeaves, promoting transformation of the compounds and lending the tea its unique flavour.

Ready to drink right away, this tea gives a clear, rich red liquor, with mellow and smooth flavour and pleasantly woody aroma. A perfect daily beverage for just about everyone, it is very soothing to the stomach.

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Aged Raw Puer Tea

Aged Raw Puer Tea that has been properly stored over an extended period of time will transform into its unique matured style. Depending on the conditions of storage, the tea may be refreshingly refined and delicate, rich with vintage complexity, or velvety with a sweet note.

Not only does well-aged Aged Raw Puer develop amazing flavour, it also gains value over time. These teas have become tea merchants’ iconic products or collectors’ most treasured items. To many, Aged Raw Puer is the ultimate guide to one’s enjoyment of tea, and a tea aficionado’s pursuit of a lifetime.

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Aged Ripe Puer Tea

Aged Ripe Puer Tea that has undergone extended storage will acquire a round and silky mouthfeel characteristic of ripe teas. It yields a clear, rich infusion with aged wood aroma that is pleasantly comforting.

Aged Ripe Puer Tea is widely regarded as a health-promoting beverage that offers certain medicinal benefits.

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