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Filling the cup 7/10 Full

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Filling the cup 7/10 Full

There is a good reason behind filling the cup to the 7/10 mark when we serve tea to our guests.

This is a rule of thumb, regardless of the ethnic origin, academic background, seniority in the office or the role one plays.  7/10 full is the way to go.

Any amount more than this is too much; any less too little.

This is a thoughtful gesture. When the guests lift the cup of tea, neither would there be spillage nor the danger of the hot cup hurting the hand. This way, you won’t be inconveniencing your guests who may otherwise have to bend their back or bow to take a sip.

On a figurative note, leaving some space unfilled in a cup alludes to room for negotiation and further discussion without openly pointing it out -- a practice in line with the idea of moderation present in Chinese culture and philosophy. 

As the saying goes, don’t push the others up against the wall; allow others some leeway!

Serve yourself a cup that is 7/10 filled, too. This reminds one to stay safe and avoid predicament, be level-headed and not overwhelmed by success, remain neither too humble nor too haughty, and be open-minded to different ideas and opinions.

As such, it is wise to serve a cup that is 7/10 filled.

| Author: Lim Hock Lam |