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Of Tea, Of Nanyang

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Of Tea, Of Nanyang

Tea was brought to Nanyang by migrants. Back in the old years, tea leaves were as if a swarm of parents' reminder which safeguards home-leaving children. The tea leaves were as if a guardian which protects the children from diseases and predicament, and ensures a smooth transition to the new land. It was said that tears of nostalgia were soothed with a cup of tea. That was, an old story of the long-gone era.

If blue colour represents Nanyang, how does tea look like? During tough times we craved for better prospects – blue and clear sky full of clouds – as months and years slipped by swiftly. During tough times, what was the tea's appearance which soothed our mind?

Tea has been a protection for us – allowing us to compose ourselves, humbly and calmly. Every variety of tea encounters different stories – wherever we bring it along, to a foreign land or at our homeland, its quality remains unchanged. Tea lovers are the happiest lot – for we appreciate and enjoy every variety of tea.

Coming to our age, deep in our heart, what is the colour reflected by a cup of tea?

| Author: Camellia Siow |